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Proceedures and rules.

Admission & Withdrawal Policies of QMS Salt Lake.

Admissions are granted to Nursery Class to girls who are between the age of 3 yrs. 10 months. and 4 yrs. 8 months. Information regarding admission and distribution of Admission forms will be available on the School Notice Board in the month of September / October each year.

Admission to Class XI is guaranteed to students of Class X who have kept good record in attendance, conduct and fulfills the criteria for each stream. Information will be available on the school notice board in the month of February each year.

Criteria for Admission to Class XI.

Science 70% English 75% English 75%
Maths 70% Maths 70% Geography 65%
English 75% Maths 70%

No admission will be taken in Class X & XII. Students seeking admission to any Class, must appear for a test before Admission.

Any pupil who has attended a recognised School cannot be admitted without a Transfer Certificate from the School last attended. If the pupil comes from a School outside the State of West Bengal, the Transfer Certificate must be countersigned by the Inspector of Schools of the State from which the pupil has come.

Any effort seeking admission through dubious means, such as donations, gifts, recommendation from authorities etc; will debar the child from getting admission in our School.

One calendar month’s notice must be given or one month’s Fees must be paid before a pupil can be withdrawn from the School. Those who take T.C. after september are required to clear all the fees for the whole year. For a transfer certificate, an application and the Fee Book (showing that all Fees are paid upto date) have to be submitted. If the student is going out of the State of West Bengal, special mention must be made of this. A Fee of Rs. 200/- to be paid for the Transfer Certificate.

Any student with continued poor performance, inspite of repeated reminders for improvement from Teachers and the Principal, will be asked to withdraw at the end of the Academic Year, after the Final Examinations. Any student who fails twice in the same Class or in two consecutive Classes will be required to withdraw from the School.

Pupils are requested to abide by these rules and observe the discipline of the school.

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