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A high standard of morality
and disipline is the way of life
at QMS Salt Lake.

Setting the bar with our disciplined young ladies...

1. Special attention is given to ensure a high standard of morality and discipline in School. Parents are requested to co-operate with us to maintain order and discipline by insisting on regular attendance and punctuality from their children.

2. Any form of corporal or mental punishment is not allowed.

3. Parents are expected to send their children regularly to School as required. Regular Attendance is a must for promotion.

4. Students who have been absent from class must bring a letter from the parents stating the cause of absence besides filling in the School Calendar. In case of illness exceeding three days, a Medical Certificate (not prescription) must be submitted along with a letter, which should be addressed to the Principal . Prior permission from the Principal should be taken for any other special leave . No student is allowed to leave the School premises without the permission of the Principal.

5. Parents should inform the School authorities if their child is suffering from any serious illness , chronic ailment, physical handicap or sensory defect (eg. heart disorder or epilepsy etc. ) In case of chicken pox, mumps or any other contagious disease, students must maintain the quarantine period of 21 days before they return to School .

6. A student who is not present on the last working day before any holidays or on the first working day after the holidays, without the prior permission of the Principal, will be taken to task.

7. Students whose presence, in the opinion of the Principal, is not beneficial, or whose application is unsatisfactory or whose parents show little interest in their progress, will be requested to withdraw from the School. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, repeated disobedience , bad conduct, using unfair means in the exam, cheating, lying or stealing justify dismissal.

8. Parents are requested not to engage Class Teachers or Subject Teachers for private tuition. The School discourages Private Tuition.

9. Students who wish to share their birthday joy with others may bring only sweets and not any gift items. Children are not permitted to give personal gifts to members of the staff. No collection of money is allowed without the Principal’s sanction.

10. Teachers can be interviewed by the parents only by appointment and with the permission of the Principal. A written application must be sent to the Principal. All communications with the teachers should be done only through the Principal. Parents are not permitted to meet their ward's / teachers during class hours.

11. The Principal may be interviewed between 9.00 am & 10.30 am from Monday to Friday by the parents to discuss matters connected with the progress of their child.

12. Story books, periodicals or newspapers of any nature should not be brought to the School by the students. No students are allowed to bring Cell phone, iPods, Laptop, Tablets or any other valuable items to school. Personal property, eg. books, cardigans, bags, water bottle etc. should bear the name of the owner. The school authorities are not responsible for the loss of any article belonging to the pupils if they are not labelled.

13. Damage done to any type of School property must be made good by the student concerned.

14. An Identity Card with a photograph of the student in School Uniform, must be presented by every person collecting students from Nursery to Class II. The school is not responsible for the students beyond the school premises.

15. Students are expected to behave in a lady-like manner and show courtesy and politeness at all times. On their way to & from school pupils are expected to behave themselves in a manner befitting the name of this institution.

16. Parents who wish to get certificates from school must send a written application to the Principal. Kindly note that the data will be provided as per school records only.

17. a) The purpose of regular attendance is to inculcate in the students traits of punctuality, regularity and academic discipline. To be eligible for promotion, a student must have a minimum of 95% attendance. Absence from the school without leave is not tolerated except when the cause is sudden illness or unforeseen circumstances in which case the information must be given at the earliest.
b) Parents / Guardians should give a prior intimation to the school on the 3rd day of their ward's absence if she is likely to be absent for a longer duraton.
c) Late arrival to school is a breach of discipline. A student who comes late to school must enter the date and time of arrival into the Regularity Record under 'Late'.
d) Five late arrival will result in Parents being called to the office.
e) The school declines all responsibility if through failure to produce a letter giving reasons for her absence or delay, a girl is obliged to return home during school hours.

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