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From the Provincial Leader.

Dear friends and well-wishers,

I am happy to hear the news of launching out a new Website for Our Lady Queen of the Missions School Salt Lake.

I take this opportunity to appreciate and thank Principal Sr. Sherly Sebastian and the staff for their concerted effort and efficient posting of information about our service in Institutions and schools. Thanks for the logistics support and efforts made by the Principal and the technicians behind to make the program more informative and attractive. My reflection towards providing modern technologies and diverse communication sites is that, it must give opportunities to enhance and develop skills and resources in students. It will help them to think critically, through experiential methodologies, shared intelligence, dialogue, self-giving, co-operation and improve communication skills which will build compassion, sensitivity and empathy towards the needy and the marginalised of the society.

I would say social communication and media are places where transmission of knowledge is the key. Today, I see our students have a wealth of opportunities that are offered to grow and develop their life-skills, abilities and talents in a climate of co-operation and solidarity. In this modern era, schools are no longer the only learning environment for young people, and not even the most important one. In such situations providing facilities and opportunities are very important to promote skill development, and not just to convey intellectual knowledge alone. At the same time, we have a bounden duty, helping our students to develop the necessary critical tools to avoid being dominated by the power of new media.

I conclude with the message of Dr. Abdul Kalam the greatest teacher and educationist, “Our job is to provide a vision for life to the students and also inculcate the values which they should practice in the years to come”.

Best wishes and prayerful support,

Sr. Jaya Joseph 
Province Leader.

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